Information About Funds

Adamjeelife offers wide range of funds to meet your investment needs. Here you can check details about your funds:

Note: Unit Price Date is 24-May-2018 (Policy issued till 5:30 PM)

Investment Secure Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
 Save & Assure187.3343197.194
 Cover for Life187.3343197.194
 Invest Assure187.3343197.194
 Secure Mustaqbil187.3343197.194
 Shelter For Life187.3343197.194
 Waseela e Zindagi187.3343197.194
 Secure Munafa Plan187.3343197.194
 Tameer Education Plan187.3343197.194
 Khushhali Mustaqbil187.3343197.194
 Tahaffuz Plan187.3343197.194

Investment Multiplier Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Save & Assure236.2993248.7361
2 Cover for Life236.2993248.7361
3 Invest Assure236.2993248.7361
4 Secure Mustaqbil236.2993248.7361
5 Shelter For Life236.2993248.7361
6 Waseela e Zindagi236.2993248.7361
7 Secure Munafa Plan236.2993248.7361
8 Shelter For Life236.2993248.7361
9 Shelter For Life Plus236.2993248.7361
10 Tameer Education Plan236.2993248.7361
11 Khushhali Mustaqbil236.2993248.7361
12 Tahaffuz Plan236.2993248.7361
13 Wealth Optimizer236.2993236.2993
14 Super Sarmaya Plan236.2993236.2993
15 Shelter For Life Maximizer236.2993236.2993

Investment Secure Fund - II

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Invest For Life184.3125190.0129
2 Wealth Optimizer184.3125184.3125
3 Super Sarmaya Plan184.3125184.3125

Amaanat Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Save & Assure156.3641164.5938
2 Invest Assure156.3641164.5938
3 Secure Mustaqbil156.3641164.5938
4 Secure Munafa Plan156.3641164.5938
5 Tameer Education Plan156.3641164.5938
6 Wealth Optimizer156.3641156.3641
7 Super Sarmaya Plan156.3641156.3641

Investment Diversifier Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Invest For Life149.818154.4515

Dynamic Secure Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Shelter For Life114.6805120.7163
2 Shelter For Life Plus114.6805120.7163

Dynamic Growth Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Shelter For Life104.5843110.0887
2 Shelter For Life Plus104.5843110.0887

Taameen Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Himayat Al Usra Plan103.4861108.9327
2 Noor Al Islami103.4861108.9327
3 Bachat Al Islami103.4861108.9327
4 Himayat Al Usra Plus103.4861108.9327
5 Himayat Al Usra Maximizer103.4861108.9327
6 Faalah103.4861108.9327
7 Zaamin103.4861108.9327
8 Askari Aitemad Takaful Plan103.4861108.9327
9 Muhafiz Family Takaful Plan103.4861108.9327
10 Manafa Family Takaful Plan103.4861108.9327

Maza'af Fund

Sr #ProductBidOffer
1 Himayat Al Usra Plan101.1109106.4325
2 Noor Al Islami101.1109106.4325
3 Bachat Al Islami101.1109106.4325
4 Himayat Al Usra Plus101.1109106.4325
5 Himayat Al Usra Maximizer101.1109106.4325
6 Faalah101.1109106.4325
7 Zaamin101.1109106.4325
8 Askari Aitemad Takaful Plan101.1109106.4325
9 Muhafiz Family Takaful Plan101.1109106.4325
10 Manafa Family Takaful Plan101.1109106.4325

Note: Unit Price Date is 24-May-2018 (Policy issued till 5:30 PM)